Iron(III) oxide – Pharmaceutical Grade

Iron oxide plays an important role in fields such as medicinal capsules, drug synthesis, and biomedical technology. α- Fe2O3 not only has applications in magnetic materials, pigments, catalysis, and biomedical fields, but also has broad application prospects in other fields.

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    Iron(III) oxide - Pharmaceutical Grade

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    Product Name Iron(III) oxide(Pharmaceutical Grade)
    CAS number 1309-37-1
    HS number 2821100000
    UN number Non dangerous goods (for reference only, please verify)
    Technical specifications ≥98.00%
    Appearance Reddish brown powder
    melting point 1538°C
    Solubility insoluble in water and does not react with water. Dissolve in acid and react with acid. Not reacting with NaOH.
    Stability Stable, soluble in hydrochloric acid and dilute sulfuric acid to form+3 valent iron salts
    density 5.24
    Payment method 100% prepaid
    Packing specifications Bags, drums, and bulk containers options


    • Pharmaceutical Formulations: Used in pharmaceutical products for therapeutic purposes.
    • Medicinal Properties: Known for its medicinal benefits in certain treatments.
    • Health Supplements: Incorporated into health supplements for specific health benefits.
    • Research and Development: Utilized in pharmaceutical research and development.


    • Medicinal Properties: Offers therapeutic benefits in pharmaceutical formulations.
    • High Purity: Pharmaceutical-grade quality for safe use in medications.
    • Research Support: Supports pharmaceutical research and development efforts.
    • Health Benefits: Provides specific health benefits in medicinal applications.

    Pricing and Availability:

    • Price: Competitive pricing based on quantity and pharmaceutical-grade quality.
    • Availability: Bulk orders accepted with efficient shipping options.

    Safety Information:

    • Handling: Follow proper handling procedures and use recommended protective equipment.
    • Storage: Keep in a sealed container in a dry environment to maintain quality.
    • Disposal: Dispose of according to pharmaceutical waste disposal regulations.

    Contact Information:

    For product inquiries, pricing details, and orders, please contact us at


    Harness the medicinal properties of Iron(III) Oxide-Hydroxide (FeO(OH)·nH2O) in pharmaceutical formulations and health products. With its pharmaceutical-grade quality and therapeutic benefits, this compound is a valuable component in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Explore the pharmaceutical applications of Iron(III) Oxide-Hydroxide. Contact us today to secure your pharmaceutical-grade supply and unlock the therapeutic benefits of this essential compound in pharmaceutical formulations and health supplements.

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